The Last Hemophilia Princess

The English royals have always interested Americans, even though we gave them the boot back in 1776. “The Crown” is a popular Netflix show, and the princesses, from Diana to Kate and now Meghan, seem to fascinate us. The hemophilia community is even more fascinated, as the most famous carrier in

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Hemophilia: The B Sci-Fi Movie

I love sci-fi as a movie genre, and am a big fan of the 1950s classics (War of the Worlds, The Amazing Colossal Man, The Day the Earth Stood Still), and even the silly B-movies (Plan 9 From Outer Space), right up to 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien (all time greatest) and hey, even Prometheus. I

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Why You’re Afraid to Switch Products

Many consider the new year to be a great time to make life changes. With new factor products in the marketplace we thought this article on the pros and cons of switching products would be helpful to our readers. Enjoy!  by Cazandra Campos-MacDonald originally published in PEN, November 2018   A few myths about hemophilia linger

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Happy New Year!

We’re taking a one week break while we prepare for another new year, with new trips and new posts–wishing you all a wonderful holiday!

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Our Christmas Carol 2018

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa and to all, Happy Holidays! In holidays past, we used to send out Christmas cards to everyone. We loved doing that and we love receiving them. As we have grown, and have expanded our humanitarian programs more internationally, we are seeing so many desperate needs. We decided instead to

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Out of Horror, Hope

A parent’s worst nightmare—their child is murdered. You might think that life itself ends, and a child becomes nothing more than brief memories. What difference can a child make in 5 years, except to his immediate family? Imagine my shock when I opened the Boston Globe on a hot Monday morning in 1994, August 29th

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Hemophilia and Astrology

What does hemophilia have to do with the stars… as in astrology? Are people with hemophilia born under the Virgo sign more organized and liable to use the sterile technique? Are Aries more apt to be our advocates? Are Leos the performers and speakers at our conventions? Are those apt to be more scientifically-oriented born

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