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Friday, October 16, 2009

Rasputin, the Ultimate Health Care Provider?

Following up on the news that the Royal Disease, hemophilia, apparently is factor IX deficiency, comes this delightful report from my friend, Richard Atwood, self-made historian about all things hemophilia. He also happens to be president of the North Carolina Chapter. While Richard does not have hemophilia, he is fascinated by hemophilia and keeps what must be the most extensive listing of hemophilia in literature and history.

So he sent me this message: "Located on the northern California coast in Fort Bragg is the North Coast Brewing Company, proud purveyors of the award winning Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout. Rasputin was the consummate hemophilia health care provider, surrounding himself with wine, women and song, and then applying his hypnotic stare and laying on his hands to ease the symptoms of a hemophilic bleed.

Check out the brewery website -- -- to view the available merchandise for the Old Rasputin 'Never Say Die' t-shirts and hats, and then enjoy the brew by imbibing in San Francisco."

Do you know why the motto is "Never Say Die"? If not, and you have hemophilia in your family, look it up! Very funny.

The annual NHF meeting is in San Francisco from October 28-31. Halloween, Rasputin, beer... sounds like a good time! I'll be there-- at NHF, not the brewery. For now, I am in London, home of the royal family that gave hemophilia its royal disease tagline.

Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout Awards
2006 Stockholm Beer and Whiskey Fest
2006 World Beer Championships, Chicago
2005 World Beer Championships, Chicago
2004 World Beer Championships, Chicago
2004 Spring Beer & Wine Fest, Portland
2002 GABF, Imperial Stout
1999 GABF, Imperial Stout
1999 World Beer Championships, Chicago
1998 World Beer Championships, Chicago
1997 World Beer Championships, Chicago
1996 World Beer Championships, Chicago
1996 World Beer Cup, Imperial Stout

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Anonymous said...

well, i can sure tell you (i used it on myself and with patients) that using visualization and relax techniques help a lot anyone with physical or mental pain. so, yess Rasputin in that sense in indeed a guy who seemed to managed to the outmost (fot the good and evil) his mental power. :)