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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Puerto Rico: Soy Carlinette

Lily Gomez bringing supplies to Carlinette
Puerto Rico continues to struggle from the ruins of Hurricane Maria, which struck the island on September 20. The hemophilia community is blessed to have incredible volunteers like Liliana Gomez of Florida, and Bill Patsakos of New York, both parents of children with hemophilia, who have been to Puerto Rico at least twice (Lily is there right now) to gather information on the families affected, and to bring supplies. They've also been instrumental in helping us to form a plan on how to get funding to these families, like Carlinette. 

Carlinette Aquino Monserrate is the mother of Yensen Yahir Garcia-Aquino, age 7, and Kyanzel Derich Alicea-Aquino, age  22 months. Carlinette, a single mom, endured the hurricane alone with her two children. 

"The hurricane winds were very strong and loud, and my children were all very scared," she told Lily. "Water kept coming in through all the windows and through the roof for many long, eternal hours. I kept peeking through the window. It was horrifying to see as the wind would actually lift up the car! I was so scared that the wind would flip it or throw it against the house."

Carlinette says she will never forget the loud crashing noises against the house from all the flying debris.

"It was a nightmare, but we feel blessed to be alive."

A very happy family
Like most families, she lost most of her furniture and the leaking roof has ruined the few items she had left. "I worry day to day about getting milk for the kids," she shared. "It’s very hard to find ice."

Carlinette is struggling without a job and just trying to manage this situation.

"I know I’m not alone and want to thank you for remembering us and coming out here to help us. We continue to be blessed with your help, our treatment center and the help we now know is coming to us through the foundation and our own community."

How can you help families like Carlinette's? Hemophilia Federation of America, in conjunction with NHF, Coalition of Hemophilia B, Hemophilia Alliance and many others, have jointly developed an excellent plan to gather funds from our community, and then distribute funds directly to families through HFA's disaster relief fund, in a campaign called Together We Care. This program ensures that funds will be used to rebuild homes and provide emergency assistance. All donations will be tracked, and the success stories will be documented and shared in the near future. Please consider donating and visit here for more information!

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