Hemophilia and Astrology

What does hemophilia have to do with the stars… as in astrology? Are people with hemophilia born under the Virgo sign more organized and liable to use the sterile technique? Are Aries more apt to be our advocates? Are Leos the performers and speakers at our conventions? Are those apt to

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Bombardier Blood: Incredible Journey with a Cast of Characters

Coincidences are God’s way of staying anonymous. Albert Einstein  Yesterday I was in Denver, Colorado, to attend the hometown premiere of Bombardier Blood, the new documentary that chronicles the life and achievement of Chris Bombardier, a person with hemophilia B this year who became the first person with hemophilia to complete the Seven Summits. The

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China: Aggressive Growth, but Hemophilia Lags

There’s no describing China adequately: it’s massive, it’s spectacular, it’s impressive, it’s ancient. I visited on holiday from November 1 to November 17 as part of a Viking Cruise, part of which took us all down the Yangtze River, to view the Three Gorges and the incredible Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest power station.

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Hemophilia For Young Readers, Part 2

Originally published in PEN November  written by Richard J. Atwood   Here are more books about hemophilia for younger readers. In the August issue of PEN, we surveyed books with fictional main and supporting characters who happen to have hemophilia. Other literary genres, such as biography, time-travel fantasy, as well as some unexpected references, also

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Explore the possibilities of individualization

When I was raising a child with hemophilia over 20 years ago, all factor dosing was based on our child’s weight and severity of an injury. No one ever talked about PK. What is PK, you ask? Read below and find out! It’s essential to know if you want to individualize the dosing schedule for

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Hemophilia Fiction for Young Readers

written by Richard J. Atwood Originally published in August PEN Learning to read is a significant milestone in our personal development. As adults, we nudge young readers along in this quest. First we read to them, and later we encourage and supervise for age- and skill-appropriate reading materials. Our bleeding disorder community is fortunate to

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America’s First Family with Hemophilia

New England, 1639. Imagine that you are standing on the deck of the sailing ship Jonathan. You have just glimpsed the shore of your new home, the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Imagine the brilliant New England foliage, the bright chilly wind. Imagine your dream of farming your newly acquired land. Imagine the adventure. Now, imagine that you are the

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